Being a School Cheerleader or All-Star Cheerleader-Practice Time

Most cheerleading programs require several practices each week. During practice, you should be ready to focus on jumps, stunts, tumbling, cheers, and choreography. Here are some quick tips on how to look and feel comfortable and prepared at cheerleading practice:

Wear comfortable clothes. 
Consider garments made of microfibers that pull moisture away from your skin. Ladies, now is the time to invest in a good workout bra. Cheer is a high impact sport, so proper support is crucial. Make sure to wear your cheer or dance shoes. It might be wise to also bring some running shoes, because some teams run the mile for conditioning.

Come with a fresh face. 
Or better yet, don’t put any makeup on at all! It may sound strange to you now, but taking your make-up off will actually make you look better when you start to sweat. Skipping on the mascara will prevent black sweat smudges on your face, and skipping make-up altogether will prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Also, if you’re practicing outside, make sure to apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher).

Tie your hair back. 

If it’s long enough, put it up in a ponytail. If it’s too short for a ponytail, use a couple of clips to keep fly- ways out of your eyes. Loose hair is distracting, and the mixture of hair product and sweat can lead to breakouts.

Drinking water improves muscle/joint performance, and keeps you from looking flushed. To prevent the cracked-lip look, apply lip balm before practice.

Don’t touch your face.
Keep a hand towel with you to wipe away sweat. Touching your face after touching the ground or your teammates can spread unhealthy bacteria.

Hit the showers after practice.
In stunts and formations, cheerleaders stand very close to one another. Routine bathing will prevent the development of body odor, and keep your entire team happy. After practice, wash with a mild cleanser to clear your skin of dirt and sweat. Don’t wait too long, or your pores will start to absorb any bacteria sitting on your skin.