Description of gymnastic classes:

Mommy and Me Liberty: 18 months- 3 years old:


This program will introduce your child to the fun, challenge & adventure of developing their basic and gross motor skills through climbing, jumping, crawling, bouncing and tumbling and other basic gymnastics elements.  This fun, safe & positive environment allows the opportunity for child and adult to play and learn together!


Preschool Gymnastics : 3 – 4 yrs (potty trained):

Our preschool gymnastics classes provide a unique setting to enhance and develop basic gymnastics skills, gross motor skills and fine motor skills through movement exploration in a safe, fun setting.  This class offers age appropriate gymnastics skills and progressions.  All preschool classes will have a child to teacher ratio of 6:1.  


Recreational Gymnastics: 5 & up:

All recreational classes allow kids to participate and learn beginner level skills on each of the 4 Olympic events (vault, bars, beam & floor) plus trampolines. Classes from Beginner through Advanced will be offered so your child can continue their progress as they learn.


To register : Call (469)285-1186 or Email :

*A class needs at least 3 students enrolled before the class will begin. If a class falls under this ratio it may be taken out of the schedule . Students/Parents will be notified when the class starts or if  it has been moved or taken off the schedule.